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Aditya Rana Spoken English Guru

Aditya Rana is the founder of “Spoken English Guru” brand and its products, i.e., YouTube (3.6M+ Subs), App (3.2M+ Users), Books (1.5M+ Readers), PDF eBooks (10 M+ downloads) etc. He is one of the most successful bloggers in India now, having 25+ educational & event blogging websites, educating millions of students on various educational topics. He is also the founder of He is an English Trainer, a Blogger, a YouTuber, an Author and a Social Activist. One of his books, titled   “ English Speaking Book” is now the best seller in English Speaking Books category on Flipkart & Amazon. His latest title, “Daily Use English Sentences Book” is also a record-breaker with Lakh+ copies sold in the first one year since its launch in August 2018. As a social activist, he has distributed his books to millions of deprived and needy students at Hindi medium schools under his सक्षम भारत मिशनinitiative.



Mujeeb Khan

Mujeeb Khan



Bobby Puri

Order & Delivery management

Rahul Rana

Blogging team management

Neeraj Singour

Neeraj Singour

Android App development

Aman Rana

Aman Rana

IVR Team Head & Editing

Shivanshu Patel

Shivanshu Patel

Website development & App Management

Ashish Rawat

Social Media Management

Ruby Singh

YouTube Creator & Blogger

Aditya's Journey​

मैंने सन् 2003 में अपने इंटरनेशनल कॉल सेंटर करियर की शुरुआत की और सन् 2009 में कॉल सेंटर इंडस्ट्री को अलविदा कर दिया। इन 6 सालों में मैंने कई MNCs जैसे Vanguard, Tele-performance India, Serco International, Convergys, HCL और Wipro में काम किया। Sales Executive से शुरूआत और फिर Supervisor, Team Leader, Group Leader, Assistant Manager और Operations Manager तक का मेरा सफर बहुत शानदार रहा।

I started my international call centre career in the year 2003 and bade it bye in 2009. In these six years, I worked with various MNCs, i.e., Vanguard, Tele-performance India, Serco International, Convergys, HCL, and Wipro. The journey from Sales Executive, and then Supervisor, Team Leader, Group Leader, Assistant Manager and Operations Manager had been incredible.



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