Essay on Books (किताबों पर निबंध)

Essay on Books 

Let’s start the essay on books….

Outline of the essay 

  • Books- introduction 
  • The need for books in our lives
  • The two types- fiction/non-fiction
  • Conclusion of the essay


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Books- introduction 

There are so many books in the world. They all would leave us with something new, through books we enter a new world of discoveries, settings, people, and ideas. Books help us travel a distance through reading. We have all types of books around us, a pile of books is there in every library that is supposed to be read. We often wish to read the books of new kinds, new areas, they keep us young, wise and open to new perspectives. 

The need for books in our lives

Books help us learn through reading them, hence say reading as a practice is linked to books. If you don’t read then there’s no need of keeping books around you. One should explore their interests and hence find the list of books accordingly and read them. Through the world of books, our prism becomes infinite, our hands reachable of anything in the world. Sitting in a corner of the world you can know what exists in the other corner. Reading needs dedication, mental labour, and interest. 

Books are the major medium of education, yes now there are new forms of acquiring education too, people learn through media, videos, online courses, but nothing can suffice the importance of books, it has its place an that is irreplaceable. 

The two major types of books 

Books could be majorly divided into two major classifications, they are fiction and non-fiction. Fiction is something that deals with imagination or not purely real settings and characters, while non-fiction deals with facts and events. There could be a mix of both fictional( novels, Thousand Splendid Suns, Harry Potter, Panchatantra) and nonfictional books,( autobiographies) that could be called semi-fictional. There are other complex classifications as well, seeing that one could ask- what do we call the subject books then? One could call them academic books. 

Conclusion of the Essay

There are books and therefore, writers. Similarly, there are writers, therefore, books, this is a cycle of imparting and acquiring knowledge. Books are a major part of this thing. 

Hope you loved this article. Your love and support is my motivation. Thank you so much. – Aditya sir

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