Essay on Children’s Day (बाल दिवस पर निबंध)

Essay on Children’s Day

Let’s start the essay on children’s day….
Outline of the Essay

  1. Introduction- children’s day
  2. Why do we celebrate Children’s Day
  3. The lost childhood
  4. The needs of children
  5. Conclusion of the Essay
essay on children's day
essay on children’s day

Introduction- Children’s Day

We celebrate Children’s Day every year on 14th November on the birth date of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was a great leader in his time. Also, he was the first prime minister of India. Nehru is a memorable name and his love for children too.
The schools have competitions, cultural performances, open mic programmes on this day. This day is to celebrate Children’s lives and the beauty they fill in the world around them.
Children are indeed the purest form of creatures with innovative minds, their way of seeing things are different.

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Why do we celebrate Children’s day?

We celebrate Children’s Day to celebrate their existence and worth. They will grow up to be young people with fervour to change the world someday. They need love, attention and a healthy ambience to grow in.
We celebrate this day on the birthdate of Nehru as he really loved being with kids. He would adore them and play with them.

The lost childhood
Though we celebrate Children’s Day every year on the 14th of November, we still have loopholes in our systems of hierarchy.
The number of students dropping out of schools is plenty. There are meagre facilities available for Children to prosper and become self- reliable individuals.
There are many kids packed and locked into the system of child labour as well. Kids are forcibly involved in tasks that reek of absent childhood and the burden of responsibilities.
Even small children are getting mechanised while their age is to learn, grow and become enough.
Also, there are so many cases of child abuse, children should be taken care of. They’re the delicate young people of our country.

The needs of children
The basic needs of children include necessities like food, shelter, breast milk, the warmth of a mother, financial security, paternal figure etc.
But there are many who lack these. Hence the lacking population of kids become the most colocated ones. Kids should be taken care of, by someone or the other.
Conclusion of the Essay
Children’s Day is to celebrate the charm that childhood and children have in general. The innocence, the delicate face-all of it is a part of childhood and children.
Also awareness of sexual abuse, peer pressure, child labour as pre factors for causing it.

Hope you loved the essay on children’s day. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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