Essay on corruption in English (भ्रष्टाचार पर निबंध)

Essay on corruption

Let’s start the essay on corruption….

Outline of the corruption

  • Introduction to corruption
  • Reasons behind corruption
  • A social/economic/political evil- corruption
  • Conclusion of the essay 

essay on corruption

Introduction to corruption

Corruption in the state is the biggest threat to the principles of one state. Say the principles of sovereignty, fraternity, socialist, and republic -that the Indian constitution and the society were built upon would turn out to be vague if the systems in India go corrupted. There are things that we as individuals can’t change, though we can see through it. The corruption in the character of government and the systems has various reasons and effects of it, as well. 

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Reasons behind corruption

The temptation is the biggest evil when people in power start seeking their interests more than they need to, then they are likely to get involved in corrupt activities. 

Similarly, even Mahatma Gandhi would say, that in this world there is enough for man’s need but not greed. Well, there could be circumstantial factors too, why someone is getting indulged in bribery or corruption, there could be pressure from higher hierarchies or even personal financial atrocities that one has to deal with.

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A social/economic/political evil- corruption 

It is undeniable, corruption paralyzes the economic, social, political systems. It is causing people to distrust the laws and their executions. There are times, that instead of laws being there, people are struggling to be heard because eventually the powerful suppresses the one, who’s powerless. 

Poverty, injustice and also crime emerge from the same problem of corruption.

Conclusion of the essay 

Though there are laws and media calling themselves as the watchdog of democracy, the things still fail to execute, citizens need to get more vigilant and understand about their moral society. Only building laws and dialogues against corruption in society, won’t do much. There is a need for moral enlightenment amongst the people of the country.

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