Essay on cow (गाय पर निबंध)

Essay on cow

Let’s start the essay on cow....

Outlines of the Essay

  • Introduction to Cow
  • The milk of cow, it’s usage and benefits
  • The cow dung and other benefits
  • Should not hurt cows
  • Conclusion of the Essay

essay on cow

Introduction to Cow

The cow is a four-legged, female animal that is majorly domesticated in families and farms, they produce milk which has very high nutrients and benefits. The cow has her two horns as an organ for her defence, she has a tail as well. She uses her body hair to get rid of small insects or mosquitoes. Cows are huge animals, but people like to pet them for their purposes. The cow is also seen as gau mata and Hindu religion considers cow slaughtering sinful.

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The milk of cow, it’s usage and benefits

The milk that cow produces is also consumed by humans, it has been a consistent reason for our well being. The cow’s milk is recommended for good health and nourishment to everyone. The basis of all the dairy products is relying mostly on cow milk. The production of sweets, Curd, yoghurt, chocolates, and a lot of other such delicacies are made from Milk. The taste of milk is universally liked and its usage is a vital part of our eating/consumption habits. We all crave for ice creams, but where do we get that from? From Milk.

Milk also has healing properties. Milk is recommended to patients as well as the little kids to grow faster or heal in time. Milk has become an essential part of our daily lives.

And similarly, cows have become an industrial commodity. Dairy farmers need to pet cows and take care of them, to yield Milk from them. A lot of small levels of businesses are based on dairy farming.

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The cow dung and other benefits

The cow is likely to eat grass, grains, etc. It’s a herbivore, and similarly, the waste that is produced is also put to use.

The cow dung is used as fertilizer, along with the urine of cow. Both of them are going to develop the fertility of the soil. Cow dung cakes are used in keeping the flame on for fires that cook food in local houses. Also, the urine of the cow has various medicinal properties. The cow is a full package leading to the prosperity of mankind.

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Should not hurt cows

The cow is worshipped by the Hindus and is also called the Gau Mata. The cow is seen as a redeemer, a nourisher, and a very helpful animal. It’s not very hard to deal with cows, cows are peaceful animals.

Cow slaughtering is considered sinful by the Hindu religion. A lot of countries have banned the process, completely.

We should all act maturely and not cause pain to cows. They should be treated nicely, and slaughtering should be avoided.

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Conclusion of the essay

The symbolic mata of Hindu religion, the cow should be respected and be treated nicely. Killing them is indeed a sad, dreadful practice. Cows are life saviours, indeed. They provide us with milk, confusing etc.

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  1. Should not hurt cows . Hii I have read your Article and I have find many interesting things in your article. So thanks for such an Article.

  2. I think cow is a very interesting animal to learn about. I think it would be a great topic for a student essay.

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