Essay on Games and Sports ( खेल-कूद पर निबंध )

Essay on Games and Sports

Let’s start the essay on games and sports….

Outlines of the Essay

  1. Introduction- Games and Sports
  2. Importance of games and sports in our lives
  3. Games in school
  4. National sports
  5. Conclusion of the Essay

essay on games and sports

Introduction- Games and Sports

Games and sports our essential things to discuss and indulge in. The origin of games and sports is in fun. People initially began to play sports or games for entertainment purposes, but eventually it grew to competitive levels and we began to take it seriously.

There are various sports that we know of like football, cricket, badminton, hockey, kabaddi, volleyball, tennis, etc.

People have different preferences and likes. Though sports is enjoyed by everyone, kids in school, students in colleges and many more other domains as well.

Importance of games and sports in our lives

Playing sports or games are going to keep all of us entirely active, along with that would also keep us mentally fit and healthy.

Sports now have become a global entity, all of us are likely to watch matches on television and cherish the adrenaline rush that one goes through while witnessing the turmoils of the game. Similarly, it’s adventurous to indulge in sports and also beneficial at the same time.

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Games in school

There’s a space of games period in almost every school now. The necessity of sports in schools are inevitable. Schools should properly use that given space and inculcate sportsmanship in the students.

Indulging in sports is likely to benefit students in multiple aspects. First they are going to learn to play and that’s a skill enhancement itself. Also kids are going to learn how to play in a team with the collective feeling and motivation.

Playing sports isn’t limited to the playground only, the areas it influences a human being is very wide.

Through the medium of sports students can remain fit, healthy, active and happier. Sports also aids to one’s physical growth. Along with that develops the leadership qualities, team work, emotional stability and fervour in individuals.

National sports

Indian audience watches cricket matches with great enthusiasm. Kabaddi is a popular indigenous game. But have you wondered what’s our national game? It’s not hockey anymore. Yes, hockey isn’t the national game of India. It’s rather none.

Initially we were taught to learn that Hockey is the national game, but recently a twelve year old girl filed an RTI asking about the national game of India, and the sports ministry replied that there’s no game as national game of India.

One could call it the diversity of India that keeps us far from calling one sport as the national thing. There are various, variant sports popular in diverse regions in India.

Conclusion of the Essay

Sports is one of the most amazing things to keep yourself indulged in. It’s going to do negligible harm or no harm rather. But learn to strike a balance first.

Involving in sports assures one of the overall development and growth of one’s personality. Everyone should try being in sports.

Hope you loved the essay on games and sports. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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