Essay on Hard Work (परिश्रम पर निबन्ध )

Essay on Hardwork

Let’s start the essay on hard work….

Outlines of the Essay

  • Introduction- Hard Work
  • The importance of hard work
  • Short cuts aren’t the permanent solutions
  • Conclusion of the Essay

essay on hard work

Introduction – Hard Work

Hard work is the key to achieving what you want. It’s not just a saying, but true. You can’t achieve something substantial without working on it or working for it. The essential need for understanding the importance of hard work is going to aid people in their lives.

People would say that you can achieve great success when you burn midnight’s oil. That also reflects the idea that you need to work even at midnight, while the world sleeps. You can’t reach your desired place without striving for it.

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The importance of hard work

You need to work hard, with a great amount of fervour, dedication and passion. Do you need to be focused on what is it that you want? And similarly, you should not just dream about it but also work hard for it.

Well, a lot of people might call working hard as working all night and day without any strategy. Injudicious labour isn’t hard work. That’s rather a foolishness. One should know how to work hard while being smart too.

Sitting all day in front of books won’t fetch you marks, you need to strategize, plan and organise things for yourself, and then work accordingly.

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Short cuts aren’t the permanent solutions

You might find a hack for a difficult thing through some short cut method. Or say, we often seem to show the tendency to choose the way that is easy going and not very hectic.

Well, the point is, short cuts could make you find a way for a while, but the actual learning comes from long term work and struggles. What you learn when you’re processing a thing for too long, you can’t learn the same while using a shortcut hack.

Similarly, hard work always defies the existence of short cuts.

Conclusion of the Essay

Working hard is the only solution. The other thing you can inculcate is learning how to make a blend of both smart work and hard work. This melange would enable you to achieving whatever you desire. And avoid shortcuts in lives.


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