Essay on Hindi Language in English (हिंदी भाषा पर निबंध)

Essay on Hindi 

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Outline of the essay

  • Our national language- Hindi
  • Hindi, our mother-tongue 
  • Conclusion of the essay 

essay on hindi

Our national language 

Hindi is our mother-tongue, our national language. It is the language that most of the north Indians relate to. The majority of the north Indians speak Hindi. There are other vernacular and regional languages too, like Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, etc. Well, Hindi is the language we use in ou daily lives, Hindi is certainly the home language of we Indians. Hindi is a very beautiful language, its very aesthetic in its tone. Though we use English as an associate language, as in the other people from the other regions who don’t understand Hindi, they use English as a language too. They converse in English to convey their ideas to the people who majorly know Hindi or English. 

Hindi is our national language, it was adopted by the constituent assembly after independence in 1947. Our language though is Hindustani, a mixture of Hindi and Urdu. 

Hindi- Our mother tongue 

Now, though learning Hindi comes across less fashionable, people are getting more fascinated by foreign languages and forgetting the essence of Hindi. The emphasis on English is widely growing and that’s causing a major threat to the importance and the significance of Hindi. Hindi has become an alien language in its territory. 

Hindi is the language that keeps us connected to our roots. Yes, English is indeed a global language, it gives you a way to reach out to the diverse domains and spheres, but one should not forget the importance and the identity of Indians that is very much inherently rooted in the language- Hindi 

Conclusion of the essay

Hindi is comparatively a complex language, people far across from the world come to India and invest their time and lives in learning our language- Hindi. Considering that we should not forget that we should emphasize our learning in Hindi as equally as we do in English. 

Hope you loved this article. Your love and support is my motivation. Thank you so much. – Aditya sir

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