Essay on Leadership in English (नेतृत्व पर निबंध)

Essay on Leadership 

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Outline of the essay 

  • Introduction- Leadership
  • A skill to lead 
  • Conclusion of the essay 

essay on leadership

Introduction- Leadership 

Leadership is referred to the quality of an individual, where he/she can lead, guide, and motivate the people along with him/her. Leadership is a great quality, it makes you the man of words, a man who leads and a man who sets an example. The gender could be equally a woman as well, women have left us with enchanting stories of them breaking away and stereotypes and leading a group, they have left us in the awe of their struggles, their leadership, and sacrifices. The great leaders of history are still remembered and adored, the mass leaders like Gandhi, Vallabhai Patel have influenced the leaders of present to take masses in the productive directions. 

A skill to lead 

Leadership qualities are very essential to one’s personality. A lot of people are born with it, a lot of them build themselves. It is often very circumstantial, there could be times that people don’t want to lead, but then when they realize there is a cause they relate with, they want to lead and bring the cause forward. 

The people who question authority are to say are the leaders of tomorrow, they have an angle of seeing things differently and taking a stand or it. 

Nowadays, a lot of jobs require their employees to be good at leadership qualities, a lot of job profiles require on, etc be good at leadership qualities. The task of a project manager, event manager, a team leader, etc are associated with the segments of leadership qualities. A leader is the one, who thinks of his team first, someone who could come down to the level of every individual and then manifest their ideas and cause into action. 

Conclusion of the essay 

Leadership qualities are great qualities, the leaders should try to change and persuade the minds of masses into productive and positive aspects. A leader should always inspire and take the team forward. 

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