Essay on My Family (मेरा परिवार पर निबंध)

Essay on my family

Let’s start the essay on my family....

“Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. And having both is a blessing.”

 Outlines of the Essay

  • Introduction to my family
  • My family members
  • My first school- my family
  • My escape, my own space- my family
  • Conclusion of the Essay

Essay on my family

Introduction to my family

Everyone needs a family. It’s crucial and very important to any being. We all require one. Family is something we get since the very beginning of our existence. A family is a group of people living for us, by us by the time we’re in existence.

Similarly, I remember little things about them since I was young, and they remember things about me more than I do.

My family has four members, my elder sister, my father, my mother and my grandma. Grandma lives with us, and she has great stories to narrate or her life.

My family has always been very dear to me and writing about it in words is a very difficult thing for me.

We love each other and that’s one thing that keeps us bonded, together and powerful.

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My family members

My father works in a bank, he works very hard to win the bread for our family. When he gets back from his office, he tells us about the whereabouts and happenings of his day. It’s fun to hear from him, all the time. My mother works from home, she manages a lot of things for us. She handles two things together, the domestic works and her professional career as well. She was a teacher initially, she left job recently and is now working from home. She’s a blogger and she teaches kids in her home tuition classes. She’s inspiring. She’s beautiful and tells us to keep working hard and follow our principles and morals. I also have an elder sister, she’s pursuing her higher education from Delhi University, she was a city topper and she calls me up when I have any query and we talk on the phone. My grandma is very humble, she watches TV and reads in her free time. She’s mostly telling me the stories of gods and kings. It feels great to interact with her, she loves me very much and thinks of me as her baby.

My first school- my Family

My family was my first school its universally accepted families are the first place where kids learn things from.

We derive so many things from our families, the language, the body language, the way we speak, the way we communicate and behave – all of it we learn at home. It’s our parents, our family who mould us since we’re trying to learn things from sources around us.

My Escape- my own space- my family

My family is the most comfortable space for me. I can always be with them in my real self. I don’t have to keep myself guarded when I’m with my family. I’m the most me with my family. They love me with all my flaws and imperfections, they’re the only people loving me unconditionally without any real expectations. They want to love and so do we.

Family is the purest form of relationship, a family gives you such many surreal bonds with people, we build each other and grow together.

I feel really happy about my own space that I get in my family. I’m the happiest and the most comfortable with them.

Conclusion of the Essay

One should never neglect their families, they’re the people who care for you, and to say they’re your very own people. Be humble and noble to them. A happy family is a key to happy living. Family is one of the greatest gifts of God, let’s value our Family, love people and celebrate their presence.

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