Essay on Success (सफलता पर निबंध)

Essay on Success 

Let’s start the essay on success…

Outline of the essay 

  • Introduction to Success
  • What leads one to succeed?
  • What’s more important is retaining success!
  • Conclusion of the essay 

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Introduction to Success

Success is a term we often use to describe our achievements. We call someone successful, who has achieved good things in life or maybe has achieved whatever he/she aimed for. Successful people are often looked up to. We look up to them for inspiration, their guidelines, etc. But the fact is, what one requires to be successful?

Success can’t be concretely defined as such. We all aspire to be successful. We need to think about what we want and then work accordingly. 

What leads one to succeed?

Working hard is the ultimate way to succeed. We often think that shortcuts could lead us to success, but the thing is there are no shortcuts to success. One needs to be determined about what they want in life, and they can work accordingly in the direction. One needs to be very focussed, consistent towards what one is aiming for. You can’t achieve something by just vaguely wondering about it. 

One needs to prioritize things one wants to do in a day, and moreover never sti=op believing in his/her ambition, dreams. 

What’s more important is retaining success!

We can work very hard, give all of ourselves to one thing and succeed, yes it is difficult, but to retain success is even more difficult. One needs to maintain success; it is essential to keep doing the good work if you leave working after once you have attained something, then maybe say- your progress won’t retain. It is equally important to keep striving towards preserving achieved success. 

The conclusion to the essay 

Success is a significant factor why all of us want to work hard; we all want to achieve something substantial in our lives. We all want to make good money, bring excellent scores or say to climb a cliff someday, we all have aspirations in life, and we attain them through hard-and smart work, though there is much larger competition now, working hard would surely get us there, someday. Most importantly, it is necessary to keep making efforts to retain that. 

Hope you loved this article. Your love and support is my motivation. Thank you so much. – Aditya sir

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6 thoughts on “Essay on Success (सफलता पर निबंध)”

  1. Nice blog on success. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate everything you do. I am thankful for all the hard work and time you spend making our English so smooth.
    Now I am sharing a story..
    A girl would stand first in class every year and would come to show her report card to her Guru whom she loved so much. When she was in a fifth grade she stood first again and came running from the school to show her report card to her Guru. As he carefully examined her marks and her performance, she was excitedly awaiting some words of appreciation from him like he did every year. To her utter surprise he asked her, “Why did you stand first?” She was shell shocked. She had stood first and rather than admiring it, he was asking Why? Seeing the confusion and bewilderment on her face, he remarked, “It’s wonderful that you have stood first for all the years of your school and this year as well. It is definitely commendable and you indeed are very hard working girl. But you should remember that great results are not the only barometer of your success. Your sincerity, your hard work and your understanding of your school subjects are your true achievements.
    And also life will not necessarily allow you to stand first always. After all the hard work, if you happen to stand second or even if you happen to fail, it’s all right. You have given your best and now you also learn a new lesson – How to handle failure. Life is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, success and failures. Keep working hard. Keep standing first. Learn the lesson of accepting your success with humility and when you fail, learn the lesson of fighting your failure with courage and by the way congratulations for having stood first but I would have congratulated you even if you would have failed. Because I know that you would give nothing less than your best. The girl was inspired and left her Guru’s room uplifted. This message is not a license to justify failure we should definitely do our best to get where we want to. But we can’t due to factors that are beyond our control, we should learn to embrace our failures and accept them as stepping stone to our success. So the next time when you fail don’t be sad, instead be happy that you could learn a very valuable lesson out of it. Be a worrier and for warriors, their scars are their medals

    1. My name is mintu and i am from madhubani ,bihar what i want to tell you is that the way you have expressed your thought is just remarkable and i have become fan of your english therefore, i want to be your friend on facebook my facebook id is buttetmm kumar

  2. The word meaning which I learnt from this Essay

    Retaining – रिटेनिंग – to keep or continue to have something.

    Look up – improve

    Concretely – कॉन्क्रीट्ली – in a clear and definite way, actually

    Aspire – to have a strong desire to have or do something.

    Vaguely – वेग्लि – In a way that is not clear

    Substantial – large in amount

    Cliff – A high very steep area of rock

  3. Osm! I think Success mean is strong desire and its than important, keep doing it
    Everyday whole heartly, and then noboy will be able to stop u.

  4. I have been learning English from Aditya sir for more than 2 years now. i really appreciate his hard work and dedication to share his knowledge. If you do good for other, God will do better for you. So be kind and show the humanity. Thank you, Love from Nepal.

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