Essay on Teachers’ Day (शिक्षक दिवस पर निबंध)

Essay on Teachers’ Day

Let’s start the Essay on Teachers’ Day…


  1. Teacher’s Day, Introduction
  2. When is Teacher’s Day celebrated? And Why?
  3. The importance of Teachers in our lives
  4. Teaching as a profession
  5. Conclusion of the Essay

essay on teacher's day

Teachers’ Day – Introduction
 So many students in schools and colleges come up with great fervour to celebrate this day. It’s a remarkable day in everyone’s school calendar. This is that one day, that students dedicate to their teachers.
Teacher’s day is an occasion, a celebration in schools, in colleges. This day is meant to make teachers happy and make them feel their worth.

When is Teacher’s Day celebrated? And Why?
 Teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th September, every year. It’s also celebrated in the name of great Dr Radkhakrishan Sarvapalli. He was also the president of India, a known philosopher and along with that a renowned teacher and learner. He had immense knowledge of things and also had the experience of teaching at various universities when he was asked- if his birthdate could be celebrated amongst people, he wanted the date to be called Teacher’s day.
 This indeed pays a tribute to all the teachers and the idea of teaching and learning.

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The importance of Teachers in our lives.
 Teachers have a great role to play in a student’s life. They show the guidelines, the path to reach a point, our ambition, our destiny. They’re the ones who mould our textual knowledge and the frame of mind. We tend to follow what our teachers look like or be like.
We often admire our teachers and tend to follow their ideals of life.

Essay on Teachers’ Day continues….

Teaching as a profession

Initially, teachers were kept at the highest ladder in the social hierarchy. In earlier times, they’re only pundits or gurus who could teach/preach. Teaching has been consistently perceived as a noble deed. Whosoever teaches, earns nobility, greatness and respect.
 Teaching as a profession has become multi-aspectual. There are teachers, tutors everywhere. In schools, in coaching centres, in hobby classes, in colleges, in professional degree courses etc. The word teaching isn’t limited to just one thing. There’s so much more to it, and there’s a lot more coming to it.
 Though Teaching is a great profession, a lot of school teachers have the complaint of being paid less, but one can always find ways in the thing one loves to do.

Conclusion of the Essay
 Teaching is a great profession, and all the people, our teachers who are teaching are greater.
A few people could look down at the profession, but the fact is that teachers are the real sources from where the census could be taught literacy and the way of life.
By the way, Teacher’s day is dedicated to all the teachers who have been able to change even a little of our lives.

Hope you loved the Essay on Teachers’ Day. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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