Essay on Technology (प्रौद्योगिकी पर निबंध)

Essay on Technology

Let’s start the essay on technology….

Outlines of the Essay

  • Introduction- Technology
  • The types of Technology
  • Advantages of Technology
  • The flaws of life functioning on Technology
  • Conclusion of the Essay

essay on technology

Introduction- Technology

Technology is a term of the modern world, it had revolutionized how systems function. Technology has become an aid to the new race of human survival and much more.
According to various definitions, Technology means a collection of skills, methods, processes that enhance the quality, speed and efficiency of any work.
Technology includes larger domains such as computers, machines, internet etc. Technology has been evolving, revolutionizing things ever since it has been there.

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The types of Technology

The major categories we could catalogue the variations of technology are these:

  • Agriculture and bio technology
  • Energy and power technology
  • Construction technology
  • Transportation technology
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Information and communication technology

Advantages of Technology

Technology has made human life simpler, innovative and has made human much more capable and also incapable at the same time.

Technology like the internet has forged connections globally, you can connect with anyone, anywhere. Information about anything is so accessible now. The schools are at home now, through your laptops or smart-phones you can attain degrees, get work, make money and there’s so much more. Isn’t it?

Machines installed in factories have enhanced the quantity as well as the quality of production. The manufacturing industries have gained so much from technology, modernization, mechanization of things. Just try visiting any industry/factory around you, you would know how machines/technology play a vital role in things now. Living a life without all these tools of technology is a distant and a difficult idea.
Technology has worked like a miracle, its almost magical. Even more than that if we gather to analyze the change it has brought to the civilizations.

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Disadvantages of technology

Well, technology to mankind is both- bliss and curse. But why, a curse?

Yes, it’s evident that technology has made human life simpler, efficient, and wonderful, but along with that, there are many flaws as well. Technology has also replaced human labour. Initially, a lot of factory workers were indulged into doing menial tasks, now the machines have replaced them. To a class of workers, yes technology affected their employment, took their wage security away from them.

The overexploitation of anything that humans do affect humans, in the end. Similarly, technology when over-used can cause a threat as well. The over mechanization of the systems have taken away the human essence from things. Even the biscuits we eat are the products of machines, and hence we know why we value home-made cookies so much.

Technology has made humans made feel inefficient too, although it adds up to the efficiency of things. It has made the civilization rely on machines, and has polluted the environment too.

Conclusion of the Essay

Technology is both a boon as well as a curse, if we see. It’s we humans who need to strike a balance and create a friendly world around us. To live a life without technology would be a curse, and living completely dependent on it would not be a boon.

Hope you loved the essay on technology. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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