Essay on The Power of Knowledge (ज्ञान ही शक्ति है पर निबंध)

Essay on the power of knowledge 

Let’s start the essay on the power of knowledge…

Outline of The Essay 

  1. Knowledge Introduction
  2. The importance of knowledge in our lives
  3. Conclusion of the essay 

essay on the power of knowledge

Knowledge- Introduction

Knowledge is knowing. And knowing is empowering to anyone. We all want to acquire knowledge we also link knowledge with academic and career success as well, yes it is true that knowledge helps one in growing in all the spheres of life. 

We gain knowledge through books, reading, listening to people and informative pieces of stuff as well as while indulging in a thing. The thing is even the term knowledge has a large dimension, it covers various areas, you could be knowledgeable in books, mechanical thing, mythology, history, engineering, medicine, etc. The excellence of a person is very much decided by how much does he/she knows. 

The importance of knowledge 

Knowledge helps one grow in various spheres, no kin of knowledge is ever futile. Everything we know is useful and would help in growing, even knowing how to cook is productive and worthwhile. Though society defines what kind of knowledge is helpful, and what is not, we need to understand that there is a need for learning everything and anything. Nothing is less important, everything has its special role to play. You could be good at reading, making things, and repairing things, everything is efficient to work, and every knowledge is precious. 


One should strive to learn as much as one can. There is no harm in learning, in fact, learning will groom you. Knowledge would support your ideas, your views. You might believe in one thing but to make the other people verify it, you would need to have the proper knowledge. 

Knowing also assures one career and academic success, that’s a huge thing. We all want to extract the best of the opportunities possible, and knowledge would enhance those opportunities for us. So, we should keep learning, whatever source it is. 

Hope you loved this article. Your love and support is my motivation. Thank you so much. – Aditya sir

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  1. I have read the essay. Thank you for this Amazing essay. Only one word I need to know is
    Futile – फ़्यूटाइल – useless, worthless

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