Essay on Time Management (समय प्रबंधन पर निबंध)

Essay on Time management

Let’s start the essay on time management….

Outlines of the Essay

  • Introduction- Time Management
  • How to manage your time? 
  • The key to success- Time management
  • Conclusion of the Essay

essay on time management

Introduction- Time Management

Well, Time management refers to manage your time efficiently to enhance productivity and the use of your time. It’s well said that If you can’t manage the time you can’t manage any part of your life. The routines of our lifestyles completely rely on one’s time management. Without knowing how much time to spend at what could lead to more problems. Well, we all could train ourselves in managing our time judiciously.

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How to manage your time? 

Well managing your time along with deciding on a to-do list could completely revolutionize how things are for you.

1. Prioritise

This is the most important step to good time management. You need to decide what is most important for you. What comes in your priorities? Decide on them, and figure out how to do them accordingly. Prioritising means filtering tasks, as in saying writing an assignment today is more important than going for a picnic with your peers.

2. Make a to-do list

Make a to-do list. You need to know what to do in a day, a month or any selected tenure as you decide for yourself.

3. Stick to your time table

Planning and strategizing your time is the first step, but sticking to it will make it better for you. That’s the real execution of your plan.

4. Relaxation time

You also need relaxation time, just like you need a cheat meal while you’re dieting. It’s going to boost your work and productivity.

5. Exercise/sleep well/ Eat healthily

These activities come across as boosters, you can’t do away with these. You can’t be hungry and doing all your work, you need to take care of your health and then work as you want to.

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The key to success- Time management

Anything you decide to do in your life, you can achieve it only once you know how to manage your time. It’s essential for both students and working professionals. You know how to balance things in life, and time is a crucial thing to it.

You need to find time for your self as well, and only time management could get you that without losing out on anything substantial.

Conclusion of the Essay

Time management enhances one’s way of life. It’s going to enhance the quality of your life, your work and everything that you’s connected to. Your work, your studies, your self, all of it.

Hope you loved the essay on time management. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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  1. we all know, Time management is very effective way to utilise our time according to our plan we should priorities our work by making to – do list
    And we should also take care of our health

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