Hindi to English Translation Exercise 62

Hindi to English Translation Exercise 62…यह Translation Exercise नीचे दी गयी “Spoken English Guru Hindi to English Translation Book” से ली गयी है। यदि आप यह पुस्तक खरीदना चाहते हैं तो नीचे दिये गये पुस्तक के चित्र पर क्लिक करें –

Spoken English Guru Hindi to English Translation Book

हवा बहुत तेज़ थी। इतनी तेज़ कि ये किसी को भी दूर फेंक सकती थी। मैं बस 5 मिनट पहले ही गाड़ी चलाकर घर वापस पहुँचा था। चारों ओर अँधेरा था। मैंने किसी के कदमों की आहट सुनी। मैं डर के मारे काँपने लगा। अचानक से ऐसा लगा मानो एक इन्सानी छाया दबे पाँव मुख्य दरवाजे की ओर गयी। हाँलाकि ये डरावना था, फिर भी मैं किसी तरह उसके पीछे जाने का साहस जुटा सका। ये कोई ओर नहीं बल्कि मेरा छोटा भाई अमन था।



हवा – Wind
दूर फेंकना – Throw away
अँधेरा – Dark
कदमों की आहट – Footsteps/ Footfall
काँपना – Shiver / Tremble
डरावना – Terrifying/ Horrifying


The wind was very strong. So strong, that it could blow anyone away. I had driven back home just 5 minutes ago. It was dark all around. I heard someone’s footsteps. I began to shiver with fear. Suddenly, it seemed as if a human shadow tiptoed towards the main door. Though it was terrifying; still, I could somehow gain the courage to go after him.

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  1. Baljeet Sharma

    Dear Mr. Aditya, I’m writing this to express my gratitude to you for providing us such a useful course ‘free of charge’ and very much better than paid courses. I have downloaded your Eng.Guru app and have been watching your videos, in those you have explained each part in a very easy method which is very much beneficial to English learners. I would recommend to all those, who wish to learn English should download your app, keep practicing constantly. Furthermore, I would like request to create a business writing course however there are some video lessons but we expect more lessons. So please create more and detailed, so that the professionals could also get benefitted.
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    Baljeet Sharma

  2. I am really thankful. I was always confused with english translation. I listen your all videos which are very beneficial specially when you translate as well as explain the rules we learn a lot. You really serving the nation. Thank you very much. God bless you.

  3. This is the most beneficial program for me because I am not good at English I am fully blank while I speak in front of other people, but now my English is going to improve.
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  4. I am very very happy sir because I am watching your video and I am learning English it’s so simple your teaching style I liked your attitude your style detail explain and all of that,, thank so much sir…

  5. Sir, we do know about hindi please write in other way , which you have written in many example such as
    Ap kase ho?

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  10. The wind was very strong. So fast that it could throw anyone away. I had just reached back home after driving 5 minutes ago. It was dark all around. I heard someone’s footsteps. I started trembling with fear. Suddenly it seemed as if a human shadow was walking towards the main door. Although it was scary, I somehow managed to muster up the courage to go after him. It was none other than my younger brother Aman.

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