Important English Speaking Structures | English Speaking Course Day 60

English Speaking Structures | English Speaking Course Day 60…

Use of “Good at/in”
Use of “Bad at/in”

  1. He is good at cricket but bad at football.
  2. He is good at playing cricket but bad at playing football.
  3. I am good at studies but not that good at mathematics.
  4. You are good at business, aren’t you?
  5. I think they both are bad at singing but good at games.
  6. I am good at calculations, and that’s why I want to become a CA.
  7. She is not good at cooking but she is really bad at making tea.

Use of “or so”

  1. He will come in a day or so.
  2. He will come after three months or so.
  3. We are coming within two hours or so.

Use of “or what”

  1. This is a computer or what?
  2. You are a fool or what?
  3. He is good at calculations or what?

Made in + <Country>
Made of + <Thing>
Made up of + <Various things/persons>
Made by + <Company/Person’s name>

  1. This mobile is made in India.
  2. This ball is made of leather.
  3. This mobile is made up of plastic, iron, aluminum, etc.
  4. A team is made up of players, coaches, and other staff members.
  5. This fan is made by Havells, and that fan is made by me.
  6. This painting is made by Ravi.

Made for / Meant for

  1. They are truly made for each other./ They are truly meant for each other.
  2. You are made for cricket and I am made for teaching./ You are meant for cricket and I am meant for teaching.
  3. I guess he is made for painting because he is extremely good at it./ I guess he is meant for painting because he is extremely good at it.

Keep + <Verb ing>

  1. He will keep fighting with us for no reason, so just ignore him.
  2. He keeps calling you to return his money but you ignore his calls.
  3. He kept trying to fix the washing machine himself but to no avail.
  4. Ravi keeps playing games on his mobile, and that’s why he failed the exam.

Start + <verb + ing> / Begin + <to verb>

  1. He starts fighting over the trifles./ He begins to fight over the trifles.
  2. I started going to the gym last Monday./ I began to go to the gym last Monday.
  3. We will start advertising our products the next Monday./ We will begin to advertise our products from the next Monday.
  4. My brother has started learning English now. / My brother has begun to learn English now.

The very

  1. This is the very book I want.
  2. He went to the very place, Ravi had told us.
  3. Don’t worry! I am doing the very exercise, you had taught me.

Very much

  1. Sumit is very much at home.
  2. He is very much there. Please go and get him.
  3. We are very much here waiting for you, please come early.

Fond of + <verb + ing>

  1. He is fond of cricket.
  2. He is fond of playing cricket.
  3. I am fond of playing, singing, and most importantly reading books.

How to + <verb>

  1. I don’t know how to drive.
  2. You should learn how to speak English.
  3. I know how to do business but I have no money to invest.
  4. Do you have any idea how to get the books printed?

Seems as if / Seems like / Looks like

  1. Seems as if you don’t know anything about football.
  2. Looks like you can handle this work very well.
  3. It seems as if you are good at mathematics in your class.
  4. Seems as if I will not be able to pass the exam this year.
  5. Looks like nobody is ready to help him.
  6. It seems like you want to say something to me.
  7. Seems like he has done the homework, or else he would not be playing.

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