How to Learn English with with 4 EASY TIPS???

You can certainly learn English with 4 easy tips at the comfort of your Home.

You heard it right!

When I see people expressing their frustration for not being able to learn English; I am really hurt.  It’s because I’ve also gone through it in my life. Today I want to share with you the 4 EASY TIPS to learn English. It will change your entire life, I guarantee, so continue reading this blog till the end.

Have you ever noticed???? Many of us dream to learn English, but 99% of us fail to succeed. Why???? Many of us join a gym but leave it just in a few days, why? Many of us join a guitar class but leave it too, why?

What’s wrong? Why can’t we continue? The answer is: We don’t have patience. We can’t keep working hard for a long. We get excited for a while, but are reluctant to put efforts. 

Whereas, the fact is; things do take time to shape up, after all great achievement needs huge sacrifice and efforts.

You need to decide whether you want to make your dreams come true, or you just want to let it be your dreams forever??

“If you have a strong belief that you hard work is gonna pay off ;  your objectives become attainable; for belief is everything.” – Aditya Rana


First, you shouldn’t be afraid of how people will react. If they laugh, let them laugh. To laugh is good for their health. You are lucky to have someone laugh. When you’ll have learned English, these very people will claim to be your best friends, they will admire you for what you have done. So, just ignore their repugnant reactions for now.

Equally important that you never blame your surroundings. For winners, Hindi medium schooling, busy schedule at work or responsibilities at home etc. are nothing but excuses. Instead of blaming our situation, we shall rather put efforts and always be thankful to God for what we have been blessed with.

Moreover, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. How will someone correct you if you don’t even speak and make mistakes!

Besides learning English Grammar, which is undoubtedly important to become expert in making sentences correctly; You need to also practice the following 5 core skills:

        LISTENING – 

You can listen to English songs; initially with subtitles and then later without it. English Podcasts, English news are great ways to improve listening. You can also check out listening practice videos available on YouTube channel “Spoken English Guru”Check out the lesson here: CLICK HERE

          READING – 

As well as, you must read newspapers or book or anything at all for at least 15-20 minutes a day and underline just 2-5 words a day that you didn’t know about. Look them up in dictionary and make a note. Keep thinking about these words throughout the day, irrespective of where you are and what you are doing. 

Next day, when you read the newspaper, you are likely to encounter the same words again and trust me, this time you are going to feel more comfortable than before. Keep doing it for months. It’s going to make wonders to your English.

           WRITING – 

In addition to the above two, You must also have a routine for writing practice every day. How and what to write? Just check out my channel’s video lessons here: CLICK HERE


Hesitation is the biggest problem in our life, because there are more people to criticize us than to support. Now, you have a choice: Either you just don’t care about such people or you simply give up. Your decision today will determine your tomorrow. If you ask me what to do, my answer is simple: you need to promise yourself to speak in English with everyone around you throughout the day, without even thinking that one might laugh at you. 

In fact, it doesn’t even matter whether you speak right or wrong; what matters is that you at least try to speak. Just do it for a month. I promise you, you’ll feel so comfortable that you would love doing it further on. You can use mirror technique as well, in which you can talk to yourself and practice. You can also watch my speaking practice videos and do practice with me. Check out here: CLICK HERE


Further, besides above all, do watch English Movies and Serials every day for some time. Initially, you’d not understand most of what they say, but just keep watching it for a month or so. Patience is the key. Soon, you’d notice significant improvement in understanding them. 

Do write your comments below. Thank you.

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  1. God bless you SIRJI
    This teaching method will go on the toppest point
    In your life.
    You are GREAT.
    AND also VIP in english teaching by hindi.

    1. Thank you so much dear Mayur. I’ve just started blogging today. Yours is the first comment, so it means a lot to me. Keep supporting. Thank you.

  2. Great 4 tips for learning english if one use all tips of your then one day he definitely speak English without grammatical mistake

      1. Really you are a great teacher i am a hindi medium student but my dream when will i speak english today i see your blog and some videos after that i feel my confident level imporiving and i feel good i blieve one day i will also speak english fluently….Thnk you so much sir god bless you

    1. Sir mujhe bhi karna hai or me kosis bhi kar Rahi hua me appki sari tip bhi follow kar rahi hua par me or time dana chahati par me nhi date pa rahi hua

  3. I am working on it .Now in the recent days i am felling more comfortable with English , initially it was really hard but i have good quality that i never give up ..I will try and try & try. The most important thing in learning Spoken English,It is a journey which is so beautiful….God bless you sir ❤️

  4. Yes ,u r very gud teacher ,aapne start kiya humare jaise bachho ke liye ,thank u for that , continue sir aap bohot aache se english bolne aur sikhane mai aache ho ,god bless u☺.

  5. महेंद्र कदम

    आपने बहुत महत्त्वपूर्ण टिप्पणी दी है| आपको बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद|

  6. Really u r such a life line who those never before write a comments anyone in english but u r compled to write all of us to say about your self…. Actually always i thought that spoken is a big deal but now i realised it was my biggest mistake in my life… Really now I’m feeling too good to writing a comments thank you so much one day InshaAllah i will definitely spoke in fluently front of all…

  7. Hello sir good evening ,
    Sir kya mujhe belongs to ke bare me btange
    Or jaise Dhood meetha hota hai or is baare me bhi please Sir .

    Please Help all of us..

  8. Greeting sir,
    I am quite delighted to you because i got your all learning books and as you said i am doing like that now i feel good because slowly I am being improve in english all this because of you. I fell really good to hearing your sound, i seems, your reflectivity should be all in india.
    You are a good teacher for me. I realise that I will be able to speak fluently one day.
    Thanks a lot sir

  9. Sir, your teaching technique is so simple and effective. You are a beacon. There is a lot of homage for you in my heart. Thank you respected sir.

  10. You are great teacher.

    I am happy because you met me to improve my English.

    Thanks God .you made this type of person.

  11. Thank you ? so much sir, actually it happen in my daily Life as well, so i must apply these things in my life to learn/improve my English better , although some people laugh on me . Just should ignore them , and your all videos of English would be very helpful for me to learn English , you know just in one year i learnt a good English through only watching your all videos of YouTube ??? . Thank you so much sir for doing so hard work for us…

    1. Sir I improved my English because of your videos and tips. I had not even understood a sentence before but now I am. Thank you so much, sir.

  12. Mohammad Hussain

    Thanks you very much sir, Your online class is most effective and useful.May Allah give u success in future ,also give such oppurtunities by which you help the poor and un-effordable Students.
    Indeed your language,body gesture as well as your vocabularies are most effactable.
    Once again I Showed my gratitutes to you by deep hearts.
    May you live long sir! Insha-Allah we will meet once again with your new Vedios.

  13. Sir I improved my English because of your videos and tips. I had not even understood a sentence before but now I am. Thank you so much, sir.

  14. Sir I m very thankful to you that you are working
    very hard for us. I request to you is that you make practice videos a lot as much as possible so that we can practice because practice make a man perfect and you have already completed the rest of the topics.thank you so much

  15. Thank you sir. For your suggestion to speak in english.I am thoughtout day see your vedio and book practice. So My confidence in increese. I am been practicing for 100 days. Wiht adjust my job. I IMPROVE rightly. I follow you sir whit my dignity. Once again thank you sir.
    You are really great.

  16. Sir, Thank you so much..!
    Earlier i was not able to understand english language.
    Now I can understand it very well and can speak basic english. I am working on it and I hope will speak english fluently by following your tips.

  17. Sir! You’re wonderful teacher I ever know.. God bless you.. For a long time I was looking for someone who can help me. I don’t have enough money to go to coaching classes, but today through your YouTube video I learned a lot about English..thank you for providing all what I need to know..

  18. Avantika Bhardwaj

    Sir, whatever you have said in your blog, I firmly believe in your words because I have discovered all these techniques you are talking about by myself and that is why now I am able to educate my fellow friends about how to learn this language. We are also using your app and books. Sooner we will be able to get certified in English language by your website. Your are working hard and making people work hard and not to give up on learning.

  19. Really , Now I must speak English with everyone.
    You are great sir , you are the person who knows every problems of us. I speak a little English but now i will speak more , practice more.

    Thanks a lot

  20. Jyotiprasad Mohanty

    I am great full to have you in my life, As following your instruction i am doing all things what you have said.
    Thank you sir

  21. Well, written content.
    I have read this full article and found it very informative as you have covered all the aspects of learning English at home . Moreover, you have explained each and every point in depth. So, users can easily find the thing which they are here for. However, we also provide similar type of Cambridge English course for students who inspire to learn English. We provide this service in Hong Kong & Malaysia.
    Thank You.

  22. Technsol Trainings

    This is a perfect piece of information for those who wants to learn English fast and with full approach. The article informs the audience about most basic tips about seeking the English knowledge at home. I have read the whole article and found it highly contextual and to the point. It is easy to understand.

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