Essay on Mothers Day (मातृ दिवस पर निबंध)

Article on Mother’s Day

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Quote- “For a mother is the only person on earth who can divide her love among 10 children and each child still have all her love.”

Mother's Day

Call it a day for mothers. We celebrate a day and dedicate it to our mothers. We acknowledge their importance, their value in our lives this way. This could be a very special way of making them feel special, well special they already are. They do so much for us, why not dedicate a day to her, to all the mothers and say it, Happy Mother’s Day. The mother’s day is likely to fall on the second Sunday of May. In 2019, it was on May 12. In 2020 it is likely to be on May 10.

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A day to mothers will help people revalue their importance. There are times we can’t tell her every day that we are thankful or grateful for things she does. There are various many little things that our mothers are likely to do, but saying thank you for everything, every day is a boring idea. Like how is it possible to be saying thank you every moment? And who won’t be grateful to his/her mother for the gift of this life, and that too every moment. People send cards, write letters, bring gifts to their mothers. They try to be with her, help her with her arends, talk to her. Make her realise her strengths that she always had.

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Mothers are also human beings but they try their best to not falter and they always set examples of the best Angels on Earth for us.

mothers day


Before babies are born they are the part of their mother’s bodies. The mother nourishes her baby with everything, he needs when he is in life, curling in her arms. Babies are fragile, their mothers make them strong. Their mothers make them a flower from a twig. It’s always challenging for women to accept that now they have to cater to a baby’s need and hunger as well. Mothers are there to give, all that their babies want. It’s inevitable to think of a baby smiling without seeing his mother around. Babies want their mothers around, it gives them a sense of security.

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Mothers are so angelic to babies, they grow up with the idea that their mothers are always right, that they have their mothers by them, no matter what. Mother’s Day celebrates that trust, that relationship, that surreal bond.

Mothers sacrifice so much, that it’s impossible to imagine it. For mothers, it’s always their child that matters first. They shun their hobbies, their jobs, their favourite food to see that their babies are growing well. Motherhood is indeed the other name of sacrifice and love.

Keep Reading this Beautiful Article on Mother’s Day.

Let’s all celebrate mother’s day, make our mothers feel special. Let’s tell them that they’re special and we are proud of how they always tried to nourish us. Let’s remind them of those old times, let’s ask them what they remember of us when we were little. Let’s sit with them, and make them feel worthy enough.

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