Essay on “Save Girl Child”

Save girl child

Let’s start the essay on save girl child….

Quote – We don’t need slogans to save a girl child. Save here because she deserves to live.

Outlines of the Essay

  • Introduction to the topic- Save Girl Child
  • Female foeticide/infanticide
  • Prejudice against the girl in society
  • Women Empowerment
  • Conclusion of the Essay

Save Girl Child

Introduction to the topic- Save Girl Child

Our country India is stained by the rates of killing girls. The Indian soap ‘ Na Aana is Desh meri Laado ‘ clearly depicted the social evils of the society. Indian society has always misinterpreted the birth of a girl child as a burden, as a curse. Even in our society, when someone elder generally blesses a mother or a woman, he or she is most likely to say that may God bless you with a son. The society completely has been blinded by orthodoxy and has lost rationality.

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Female foeticide/infanticide

The killing of a baby girl in the womb itself, when it’s just a foetus is called female foeticide.

Similarly, the killing of the baby girl is called female infanticide.

It’s generally the society, the family, the patriarch who does this crime. Hence nowadays, doing gender identification tests through medical assistance is also banned.

But in the lands where people see girls as curses, such practices continues to exist.

Kerala has the highest sex ratio out of all states, while Haryana had the least as per the last census. Haryana government though claims to have become better with initiatives. Still these statistical countings are just a number, there’s more trauma than this to the real picture.

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Prejudice against the girl in society

Women are always referred to as the weaker sex. They are often deprived of the equal opportunities that men get. They are often locked in the domestic space and that leads to their illiteracy, inefficiency, financial dependency etc.

Dowry is another social problem which is a result of all and eventually leads to all of them.

Girls are expected to be meek, quiet and humble, though doesn’t matter how the world treats them, how the world ridicules their existence and even justifies that by saying that women are curses anyway, and social burdens.

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Women Empowerment

Women don’t need the tag “that we are mothers, sisters, daughters’ to get themselves empowerment. Women are individuals first, these are the social roles that they play, but is it all about them?

Aren’t they worthy of living without being called daughters, sisters or mothers? These ideas are more disempowering, I believe.

What could redeem women of their lives is education, exposure and fearlessness. Well, fearlessness comes from power, and power comes from knowledge, education, financial independence. Women need to work harder, to fight for their voices, etc. It’s easy to kill them, it takes nothing but a monstrosity. But it’s empowering them that takes it, guts, energy, humanity everything.

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Conclusion of the Essay

India is one of the worst countries for women, women have always been sexually threatened, beaten down in rooms, shut, locked in domesticity etc. Also, that’s why killing them when they are babies doesn’t hurt them. There’s a need for society to change, for people to get out of their cages, live and let them live. And hence, the soil weeps o re chiraiya angna me fir aaja re.

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  1. Hey, to be honest, I just loved what you wrote in this post. While it is true that there are undreds of posts on this same topic but yours is certainly unique. The unique approach taken by the writer is probably the main reason I shared this post on both my Facebook and Twitter pages. As expected, people are reading it and giving me all sorts of positive feedback.

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