Speech on Child Labour (बालश्रम पर निबंध)

Speech on Child Labour

speech on child labour

Let’s start the speech on child labour…

Respected Principal, teachers, and dear friends, I feel grateful for this chance to express my thoughts on child labour, this is a cause that the population of India needs to discuss. It is as crucial as poverty, unemployment or says even child abuse for that matter. The point is our society is rusted with this vicious cycle, where one problem leads to another. Poverty leads to child labour, child labour needs to illiteracy, illiteracy leads to unemployment and similarly, unemployment leads to poverty again. Likewise, child labour as practice makes children more vulnerable to child abuse. They are most likely to get abused by their masters, physically, emotionally, or even sexually. In a population, where there’s missing childhood, there is missing life. 

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The poor parents send their kids to work in factories, households, shops, or to beg on roads. They aren’t completely responsible, but they often justify saying that they are too poor to raise them without them working as well. The ailments of the society need to be treated from its roots, just doing one thing at one level won’t cause any substantial change. 

We see kids selling balloons, pens, toys in the local market, in basic public areas. They are almost begging people to make a purchase, they have been conditioned to beg and eat whatever comes in their plates. There is a need to revolutionizing the systems, there’s a need for proper family planning even amongst the poor people, they should not plan a child until they are ready for it financially, emotionally, etc. The government needs to effectively help them in finding jobs so they don’t have to beg or compel their children to. 

Though there are laws against child labour, in fact, it comes within the fundamental rights. The fundamental rights are universally justifiable. Article 24 of the Indian constitution says that kids below the age of fourteen years shall not be employed in any hazardous settings. It is a cognizable crime to employ kids in hazardous works. It isn’t yet completely illegal because there are realities of the Indian scenario that can’t be ignored. Poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy are the major causes, and they need to be addressed first. 

Thank you.

Hope you loved this article. Your love and support is my motivation. Thank you so much my dear students. – Aditya sir

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