Speech on Environment (पर्यावरण पर भाषण)

Speech on Environment 

Let’s start the speech on environment…

speech on environment

Respected Principal, teachers, and friends, I feel honoured to have been given this opportunity to speak amongst you all. Today I would like to throw light on the issue of environment, nature is a gift of god to human beings and other creatures as well, but somehow we have failed to keep it appropriately. 

Our recklessness and greed have made the environment a dilapidated territory. 

We human beings in the course of humanizing nature, altered its face and that caused the imbalance in the cycles that our environment was based on, for example- the food cycle/chain. Human beings and their activities are causing a threat to the flora and fauna of the ecosystem, and majorly the environment has been massively polluted. Pollution, population explosion, over-exploitation of resources and mankind’s greed is causing the weep of the environment. 

It could be said, that our environment is crying for help, and it’s we human beings who are the reason behind all that. Eventually, it is we who have caused this problem, and its only we who can redeem it. We as human beings are responsible and guilty. The effects of pollution, ozone depletion, global warming, and the major climate change has compelled nations to sit together and cut down on their toxic emission from industries and seek a balance for sustainable development. 

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There is a need to look for sustainable development and the ways that would lead to it.

Well here are a few measures that we could take up to curb the challenges and disharmony that the environment is facing currently. We people collectively should take measures to plant more and more trees. The loss of trees is also a factor why things have become worse. We should check our use of plastic and inappropriate disposal of it. 

Similarly, government and larger committees should take initiatives to cut down on toxic gas emission, plantation of more trees, opening up biosphere reserves and banning plastics while also creating another alternative for the same. 

Anyway, we could do our bit, little by little and save the environment. If we don’t, then who would?

Thank you. 

Hope you loved this article. Your love and support is my motivation. Thank you so much my dear students. – Aditya sir

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