Speech on Mahatma Gandhi (महात्मा गांधी पर भाषण)

Speech on Mahatma Gandhi

Let’s start the speech on Mahatma Gandhi…

essay on mahatma gandhi

Respected Principal, teachers, and dear friends, I am lucky to be given this opportunity this speech amongst you all. Mahatma Gandhi was first called ‘Mahatma’ by the noble Rabindra Nath Tagore.

Mahatma Gandhi has always been an epitome of great morale and ideas, his ideas of non-violence, (ahimsa), self-reliance, and simplicity haven’t just inspired people in India but throughout the world. His life is captured in his autobiography- ‘my experiments with truth’

He was born in a coastal Gujarat western India, in Porbandar in 1869, and acquired his law degree in London. He narrates his struggles with bad handwriting and other discourses of life. Gandhi was a unique man in himself. His brutal honesty, his ideas of fighting passively without using war-methods, etc, makes his stature much bigger. 

Gandhi heard the plight of untouchables too, unlike the major revolutionaries who couldn’t reach them, he took the deprived classes, women and other social marginals of the society to his mass movements. Gandhi’s leadership was exemplary, he had the power to persuade the crowd, convince them to believe one thing collectively, passionately.

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Speech on Mahatma Gandhi…

He called the Dalit, the untouchables, Harijans. That referred to the ‘Sons of God’. Gandhi calls them, the sons of God, hence elevating their status in the social hierarchy, contrary to the condition, where Dalit/untouchables were completely denied to have access to anything that humans were supposed to. 

Gandhi’s idea of justice was universal, he moved the masses and revolutionized the existing systems of society. he is now called the father of our nation, his picture is printed on every note of Indian currency. We still look back at his ideas, when we find ourselves confined in problems and dilemmas, if Gandhi not in person, his ideas still elevate our understanding of humans and society. 

We all should inculcate Gandhian ideas, and make a progressive India, and living. Gandhi’s focus was always on communal harmony, he never wanted splits amongst the people or communities, similarly, we should also walk forward into the making of a nation that is free for everyone, justifiable, and harmonious. 

Thank you.
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  1. Sir I have gone through articles and specialy journey..its realy full of motivation..and having read ur journey I realised if one person is determine to achieve something different they can achieve by sheer hard work..as I am from chhagyis garh..I have also one mission to motivate for compegative exam..as CH is backward state and here main hurdle is alcoholism a d lack of determination…if possible address this issue too…I salute u sir for us dedication

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