Spoken English Guru Quiz 10

Spoken English Guru Quiz 10…  यह Quiz “Spoken English Guru” Brand की पुस्तक “English Quiz Book – Grammar and Spoken English MCQs and Test Papers” से लिया गया है। – आदित्य सर
इस पुस्तक को खरीदने के लिए नीचे दिये पुस्तक के चित्र पर क्लिक करें –

Spoken English Guru English Quiz Book

Spoken English Guru Quiz 10

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Q1:  Translate into English:

        तुम पर मेरे Rs.500 उधार हैं।

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Q2: Translate into English:  वो सोच रहा होगा कि मैं पागल हूँ।

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Q 3: Translate into English:  काश वो मेरा सगा होता।

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Q4: What are you…..me?

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Q5: Choose the best translation of the following sentence:  क्या मुझे कहीं जाना है?

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Q6:  Correct spelling of 12th is

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Q7:  Correct spelling of 9th is

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Q8: One, who doesn’t believe in God, is known as

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Q9: A medicine that counteracts poison is

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Q10: Government by a monarch is known as

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Q11: Add question tag: He’s a house to live in, …………

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Q12: Don’t ever look down…….the poor.

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Q13: Change into negative:  ‘He would have played yet.’

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Q 14: Change into Passive Voice:  ‘I make you smile.’

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Q15: Change into Passive Voice:  ‘Let him eat the fish.’

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Q16: Choose the correct spelling?

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Q17: Choose the correct sentence:

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Q18: Which one among the following is incorrect statement?

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Q19: Which of the following is an incorrect sentence?

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Q20: Translate into English: मैं वहाँ जाता तक नहीं।

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