Spoken English Guru Quiz 8

Spoken English Guru Quiz 8…  यह Quiz “Spoken English Guru” Brand की पुस्तक “English Quiz Book – Grammar and Spoken English MCQs and Test Papers” से लिया गया है। – आदित्य सर
इस पुस्तक को खरीदने के लिए नीचे दिये पुस्तक के चित्र पर क्लिक करें –

Spoken English Guru English Quiz Book

Spoken English Guru Quiz 8

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Q1: Change into Interrogative: “They dare shout at him.”

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Q2: Change into Passive Voice: “I let him go.”

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Q3: Change into Active Voice:  “He should have been interrogated by the police.”

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Q4: Choose the correct spelling?

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Q5: Synonym of the word “Astound” is:

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Q6: Antonym of the word “Poverty” is:

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Q7:  Translate into English: मुझे घर जाना पड़ता।

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Q8: He ………….. English for 2 years.

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Q9: He wants to gain good knowledge, ………….

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Q10: You don’t love me, ………………….

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Q11: If I had given you the books, you……… the exam.

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Q12: He …………..me there.

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Q13: Add question tag: “You like me,…………”

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Q14: He is ……. MLA.

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Q15: In a sentence “I am gonna see you today.”, what is ‘gonna' here?

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Q16: Which part of the following sentence is erroneous?

Generally (A) / an unique person (B)/ makes (C)/ good impression on others. (D)

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Q17: Which part of the following sentence is erroneous?

I recall you (A) / beating me when (B) / I was a kid (C) / No error (D)

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Q18: Translate into English:  हमें सोचना होगा।

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Q19: Translate nto English:   काश मैं तुमसे मिल पाता।

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Q20: He has been looking for a job……….yesterday morning.

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