Tense Chart

English Charts – Tense Chart, Conditional Chart etc.

English Charts – Tense Chart, Conditional Chart, Active Passive Voice Chart, Direct Indirect Speech Chart, etc.

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Simple sentences are those, in which there is no action performed by the subject.
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Simple Sentences Chart Spoken English Guru


Here are the Tense charts. सभी Tense सीखो (Videos के साथ) बस एक आर्टिकल में – CLICK HERE

Tense Chart Spoken English Guru

Present Indefinite Tense 

Present Continuous Tense Chart

Present Perfect Tense Chart

Present Perfect Continuous Tense Chart 

Past Indefinite Tense Chart

Past Continuous Tense Chart


Past Perfect Tense Chart

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Chart

Future Indefinite Tense Chart

Future Continuous Tense Chart

Future Perfect Tense Chart

Future Perfect Continuous Tense Chart

Hope you liked the Tense Chart….

1st, 2nd, 3rd Person Singular Plural Subject Chart

1st Person, 2nd Person & 3rd Person Singular Plural Subjects VIDEO: CLICK HERE

1st 2nd 3rd Person Singular Plural Subject Chart

Be-Do-Have Verbs Chart


Be Do Have Chart by Spoken English Guru


Conditional Sentences Video: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

Conditional Sentences Chart


[(Is/Am/Are/Has/Have/Had/Having) + to] Chart

Is/Am/Are/Has/Have/Had/Having/Would have/Should have/Could have + to Video: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

Is am are + to chart

Will vs Would Chart


Will vs Would Chart by Spoken English Guru

Get as a Main Verb Chart

Use of GET as a main verb: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

GET as a Main Verb by Spoken English Guru

Get as a Phrasal Verb Chart

Use of GET as a phrasal verb: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

GET as a phrasal verb by Spoken English Guru

Tense Charts are considered the most important in English…

Indefinite Pronoun Chart

All Indefinite Pronouns: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

Indefinite Pronoun by Spoken English Guru

WH + EVER Chart

Use of WH family with ever: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

WH Family with Ever CHART by Spoken English Guru

WH Question (Kab kab, kahaan kahaan) Chart


WH Family Used Twice by Spoken English Guru

Gerund and Infinitive Chart

“Gerund Infinitives and Participles” Lesson: CLICK HERE

Gerund Chart by Spoken English Guru

Infinitive Chart by Spoken English Guru

Gerund and Infinitive Chart by Spoken English Guru

Direct Indirect Speech Charts

“Direct Indirect Speech (Narration)” Lesson: CLICK HERE

Direct Indirect Chart Pronoun Change

Direct Indirect Chart Tense and Modal

Direct Indirect Chart Adjective Adverb Time Change


Direct Indirect Chart Imperative Exclamatory Optative Sentences

Active & Passive Voice (Tense Chart)

Passive Voice of TENSES: CLICK HERE

Passive Voice of Tenses Chart

Active & Passive Voice (Modal Verbs Chart)

Passive Voice of Modal Verbs: CLICK HERE

Passive of Modal Verbs Chart


British vs American English Chart

British vs American English: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

British vs American English Chart by Spoken English Guru

“Use of HAVING” Chart

Have Having PART 1 Video: CLICK HERE
Have Having PART 2 Video: CLICK HERE

Use of Have Having ChartSpoken English Guru English Speaking Course Kit

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215 thoughts on “English Charts – Tense Chart, Conditional Chart etc.”

  1. Madhusudan Singh

    Hello sir,
    The following are the answers to the questions asked by you at the end of the video lesson of ” I wish ” (imaginary sentence formation).
    Please suggest me whether they are correct or not.

    Questions :
    1. Kaash mein kam se kam ek baar use dekh pata.
    2. Kaash mere pass us waqt paise rahe hote.
    3. Kaash woh 10 baje ghar par na ho .
    4. Kaash mein apne desh ke liye kuchh kar pata.
    5. Kaash aap sab English bol rahe hote.

    Answers :
    1. I wish I would see him only once.
    2. I wish I would’ve had money at that time.
    3. I wish he isn’t at home at 10 O’clock.
    4. I wish I could do something for the country.
    5. I wish you all would be speaking English.

        1. सर कुछ वाक्य समझ में नहीं आ रहे तो इन्हे इंग्लिश में ट्रांसलेट कर दे आपकी अति कृपा होगी। आम मीठा होता है (2) तुम सुबह टहलने जाते हो

          1. 1 MANGO IS SWEET

            I THINK WE CAN SAY IT AS,

          2. आम मीठा होता है।
            Mango is sweet.
            तुम सुबह टहलने जाते हो।
            you go for a walk in the morning.

          3. 1: आम मीठा होता है। यानी आम का स्वाद मीठा होता है।
            The teste of mango is sweet.

            2: तुम सुबह टहलने जाते हो।
            You go far a walk in the morning.

      1. So you’ll have to subscribe their YouTube channel which is’Spoken English Guru’ and plz watch all the videos one by one☝!!!

      1. Good day

        Mera Name Ajay Verma H or English mai kuchh bhi nhi jaanta

        Mene aaj se hi start Kiya h

        Shayd me aapko aaj se 3 months ke bad ya 5 months bad achhe se English me bat kr skunga

        Fir se

        . Good day

      1. None of these 3 sentences are correct.
        i) Does ram have son?
        ii) wrong
        iii) How many sons does john have?

    1. I am wanna talk to your 4th sentence
      Could is sense me ata saka saki sake or paya pai paye
      You used here would

    2. I am very obliged to you. I want speak fluently english. but I don’t talk to others person. what I do .plz you give solutions

    3. I am very obliged to you. All your chapters are very good. I want to speak English but I do not talk to any person, please advise me what I do.

      1. I am arun, I am from bihar, I am working in the government of bihar. I have read and written but I do not talk to anyone. can you give the solution

    4. Sir , Aapke share video bahut valuable hai sir kya Mai Aapke video aur Aapke site Ka link Apne educational site me use kr skta hu ? Aapke reply Ka hm wait krenge

  2. Sir i am from Pakistan , we couldn’t understand hindi in written , it would be better if you write hindi like ( hosakta,bhasha etc) means in message English

    1. Hello sir I’m guncha Singh.i’m from lukhnow ! Sir Mujhe kuch bhi ni ata tha english me par jab se apka youTube channel dekha h and sare lecture koshish karti hu ki me ache se samajh jaun because I want to do good schooling gave my baby me usko english medium se pdhana chahti hu isliye me khud padhti hu apki wjhase bhut kuch sikha h…thank you so much sir ?

  3. Hello sir I’m guncha Singh.i’m from lukhnow ! Sir Mujhe kuch bhi ni ata tha english me par jab se apka youTube channel dekha h and sare lecture koshish karti hu ki me ache se samajh jaun because I want to do good schooling gave my baby me usko english medium se pdhana chahti hu isliye me khud padhti hu apki wjhase bhut kuch sikha h…thank you so much sir ?

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  10. You have borne really to be a teacher. You teach very sharply and property with cleared speech. Very good keep it up. I watched most of your videos. I think no one can compete you as a tutor on social media platform.

  11. Hi Aaditya,
    I am Aashish Parekh from Surat Gujarat. I appreciate your mission. God bless you dear. through some lights on IELTS preparation all module. I am not fgood at english. I am learning through your you tube video. I like your sentence in end of all your video. I wish to personally meet you.
    Ashish Parekh

  12. Hi sir you are a good teacher. I like you very much sir. I am so happy sir because I am speaking English through your you tube video.

  13. Sir firstly I would like to thank for the you made easy concept of English Learning.
    This is a very much lectures for better understanding and chart? also easy.
    I want to become fluent speaker, thats why I am learning the English concept form your videos?..
    Thank you so much. Once again.
    Ankush chavan

    1. Why uses of WH in interogation and negative interogation sentences if not use in the sentence i. e. Kiyon, kab tak or any related to WH. Pl guide me.

  14. Hello sir,
    Good after noon
    Query – sir hamlog future perfect continious tense me( from ) का use kab krte hai.
    Aur since ka kb krte hai

  15. i wish, i could/would see her at least once.
    i wish,i would have money that moment/time.
    i wish, he is not at home 10 o’clock.
    i wish i could do something for my nation/country.
    i wish, you all would be speaking English.

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  17. Sir I am very happy to have sir like you I want to become ias officer , your lecture helped me lot , when I became officer I will meet you sir ,I am not fluvent in English I was daily practicing my English , I was
    satisfied with your lectures and thank you for my bottom of hart

  18. Wow after seen this all charts,
    Firstly, I am take a screenshot of the all charts.
    Secondly, I mentioned the comments for you.
    It’s a respect for YOU with the deep of my ?.
    Thanku SIR G.

    1. Suresh Kanojia

      Hello Aditya Sir ji,
      I am Suresh Kanojia. Sir, I am watching your Spoken English Guru program on YouTube. Sir, way of teaching is excellant and easily understand the english grammers like tenses, types of noun, adjective, adverb, type of verbs etc. Sir, I am very poor in english, I hope your program will help me to upgrade me.

      Thanking you very much.

  19. Pradum kumar saroj

    Hi sir i am pradum kumar saroj and i study b.com.2uperdha degree college handia .my father name is shree Harikisun saroj he is a farmer.and my mother name is smt NAurangi devi i want to learn English will you learn me sir i request you sir

  20. Namaste sir ji.

    Sir aapke learning English video kaphi interesting hai . Mai kaphi prabhavit Hun.
    Kya aapke YouTube videos link Apne website post me use Kar Sakta hai.
    Yadi haa to bataye . Help me.
    Es mission me hame v samil hone Ka mauka dijiye.

    1. Dear Ajeet, there is no difference at all between the two. Pendrive is launched only for the students, who face internet connectivity issues in their areas and also, for those who want to watch the videos uninterrupted, like without ads, to avoid other random video suggestions, etc. – Neha (Help desk)

    1. I am girish patel
      I was learn english guru last month.
      Since 2001 i have english not love
      But seen your youtub vidios then english learn do it. Good tecnic and good comunication
      Sir i will be learn next 1week start basic level.
      “❤thanku so much sir ”

  21. Sir main Aniket gano ka rahne wala hu main English sikhna chahta hun par aap to chapter by chapter nahin padhate apne u tube chanel par aur mere paas toh itna paisa bhi nahi hain sir kripa karein todi

    1. Bhai sir ne bahut ache se or basic se leker morfen English lecture devloped kiye h bs apko step by step pdna hbor sir ki chennel list m suru seblejer end tkbke sbi lecture h use downlod kro or ghr pe to basic se start kro or puri mehnat se. See ap jarur sikhoge or jarur sikhoge bs babu mehnat apki h or wo to sirf or sirf apkobh krnibpadegi

  22. You are really good person with nice soul.I like your confusion clear style teaching. You are really nice person.

  23. Sir mera naam jitendra kumar hai mujhe ek sentence samajh nhi aa raha h aap meri help krenge
    Sisi hili or hil kr rahe gyi isko english me translate kaise krenge

  24. Sir
    Mai spoken garmar kaha see start karu aap video ko dekhata hi .mere ak problem h ke mai spaling mistk bhut hota h righting me

  25. Hello sir, I’m from Thailand, and I wanna to say your English teaching is awesome sir, I’m also learning from 2 month ago, and thank you very much for online teaching sir,, ??????

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  53. Respected sir,
    I know english very well because i completed my study in english,but i was weak in grammar section, but through watching your videos,i learnt many new things and now i continously learning by watching your channel,you are one of the best english tutor in youtube,i always apprreciate your effort and also pray to god, that you will get fame and success in your life.

    1. Bro, I’m also a learner in English language journey. Just for courtousy, wanna let you know that I found many of us make this mistake which you made in your sentence. Even I used to make the same mistake. In your comment you said “one of the best English tutor in YouTube”. Whenever we use this structure one of, we choose that one particular thing from many. So, In your sentence, you could write tutors than tutor. I mean plural. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  54. Sir my name is krishanandan i have big fan of you sir i did also join English class before 5 months but i did not satisfy in my English but sir i do learn English on you channel and English speaking guru book everything do learn English when i give me time acuttaly sir i study as well as private job but sir i have not satisfied that job but i think i have options only for one EDUCATION but sir same problem as the you problem like 2003.4 But one day has come definitely i have be successful people but i need you bless and god bless for me had thank you so much

  55. heyy Sir!
    I am shahzaib khan.I live in lahore,Pakistan.
    I Love to watch your videos.I am great thankful to you for uploading the profitable content at youtube.i am here to ask if you could make a course in urdu since i dont know Hindi.
    so it doesn’t let me understand through the Ebook i am a new subscribers to your channel.
    i also use your Spoken english app and watch your videos and sometime when i need i go to your website.
    This is the great ever.
    Thank You for such a Content.

  56. Sir Chart ka epdf download option show nahi kar raha h apke web page par.
    Mai Chart ki pdf kaise download karu?

  57. I see regularly video on YouTube as well as on your application. I like and respect your dedication for us. You make video on behalf of us. Please add ” rather ” video on application.

    1. Narshingrao Baraskar

      Sir I am Narshingrao Baraskar from madhay Pradesh (mp) but not I am working from Saudi Arabia.
      You know Saudi popule only two language fast arbic and second English but may English started time varry week so I try spoken English guru all video and lession wish vidio watch now I speak not fuantly but other person sutisfy so that’s may story in my life that means varry varry help in my future thank you so much sir

      1. Neme Sudama kumar

        Mera naam Sudama hai mujhe English sikhana hai mujhe kuchh nahin aata kripya mujhe mat lagaen kaise sikha jaaye

  58. It’s really helpful for even experts English spoken person’s because it’s highlighting the gramer rules and regulations
    The best thing is your every lecture in a serial form, so it’s helping us to understand very well as compare to others . God bless you so that you can make this type content forever.

  59. Dear sir ,
    Many time i trying to purchase book pdf but atm card declined. Please tell me how to pay u payment and i could pdf course

  60. dear sir
    first of all i would like to nmse to you,
    i have seen most of videos what ever you aploded on you tube some things you haven’t mentioned in it ,you are duing well but today i was looking a video topic on (to have ) there was not any videos which can help on grammeticly .
    therefore i request you if you cover all on that topic what i have made discussion it will be very helpful .

  61. Sir main bachpan se English se bhaagta rha
    School me nhi chahta tha ki koi English ki class ho pr ab main ek business man hu aur jb mere aas paas k log jb English me baate karte hai to mujhe sharmindagi mahshus hoti hai ki kaash…
    Aap ki video mujhe bht achhi lagti hai bht hi easy way hai main insa allah koshish karunga ki bht jaldi Sikh jau aur jb fuent ho jau to aap se jarur milunga

  62. Hlo sir I’m Kirti mehra , I join your you tube channel for 3 months …now I can understand English but I want to speak English …
    You are doing great work for us …
    Thanku Soo much .sir .

  63. Hello sir,
    I’m subham Sharma from Kolkata , first of all I would like to thanks you for making such a great video how to learn English ..sir I joined you this lockdown period to improve my English grammar and speaking skills and I really learn many things with the help of you so I am very thankful for you .to provide us such a great content.

  64. Hello sir
    I am from uk . I knows little english. But I need to be perfect in english . Please tell me after learn about tence what is your next step to go ahead.

  65. Hello sir
    Thankyou sir for this kindness on poor and villager students.i am also a villager. I want learn English longer time but no way find me to how can i learn English. When i see your videos on youtube.i am so happy and decided learn.Now i watch videos and perctice delly.. thankyou so much Aditya sir….

  66. Mahendra Sharma

    In spoken English Guru Apps Practice Sentense, simpale sentence no 66/100 is “Ye likha huaa tha” transleted as “it is written” but if we fallow chart it tell us that it should be “it was written”

    I am little confuse………?

  67. Thanks sir you are great teacher at YouTube platform. No one can compair with you in teaching English . I think you are the one who did clear all doubts of every student.
    I want to say again thank you sir
    I request to you that if any thing is wrong in my above sentence , please tell me what is wrong so that I can improve my fault.

  68. How I can get the printout of all the charts? every time I am confused use of when, what who.
    WH Family ke liye to format he but jab Hume, Jo, Jesse, Jaha, jisko ke liye use karna pade when who whose aur what ko to uske formats kaha he ya koi formula he ?

  69. Hello Sir, the way in which you teach is awesome. but I have a doubt about tenses that ” how to use tenses in English speaking”. Could you please help me out to solve this issue?

  70. Sir,
    Aap jis tara Present Indefinite and Present Continuous Tense par practice exercise ko explain kiye hai with example ke sath. So, agar aap har Tense per issi tara explain karte to achcha hota.

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  72. Sir aap ek video banay jisme english sikhne ki suruwaat se le kr bolna padena vocablury kase yaad kre and our har ek topis ki noun pronoun verd etc. y sabhi ka kya kaam he and pure paragraph ko kase pade usme kis kis ka use hua ho kafi student confuse ho jate he ki kase atart kre to aap ek hi video lecture me is confution ko duur kr de ( nivedan )?

  73. Danywaad sir me aapke channel se join hone ke baad meri english me kafi sudhar aaya he me aapko dil se danywaad deta hu our aapke samjane ka tarika student ke dimaag me ek dam feet hojata he sir mera aapse nevadhan mene aapka full course mangwaya he our kurpya aap ek video ke madhayam se sabhi student ko batay ki us sa padna kase he our kis tarf abhyaash krna he ?

    1. Hi sir u are so good teacher I don’t have words to explain you.U r an ocean and I m a drop of a water.But i have a request for u plz make videos on vocabulary…thanks
      Yours loving student
      From kashmir

  74. आदित्य गुरु जी को मेरा प्रणाम ?
    गुरूजी आप गुरु नहीं बल्कि गुरुओं के गुरु महागुरु हो ।

  75. Sir I am new your student from bihar harnatand mai kuchh student ko teach karata hu mujhe parts of speech se chahiye for new batch plz..

  76. Sir please guide me
    1-you went there yesterday
    What is there and what is yesterday
    2- Have you eaten?
    What kind of verb eat?

    With regards
    Sukhendra Pathak
    Etaj U.P.

  77. Hi Aditya sir ;
    I’m Rashmi from Madhya Pradesh and I start learning English with your application i understand English conversation on your channel
    Sir how purchase your chart

  78. Reena Sarkaniya

    Sir mene apki class abhi 2din phle hi start ki sir me houswife hu sir muz samjh aa rha h apki video dekhkr sir think u sir meri 2yeas ki beti h or me chahti hu ki muz jaldi se english bolni aa jaye or me apni beti ko english me baat karu jaldi se sir muz yakin h ki me sikh jaygi muz bs yhi apne aap pr.

  79. What is sense of
    I have required
    I require
    I required
    As per rule perfect present tense sense is chuka hai chuki hai liya hai diya hai

  80. very informative charts sir! You made every grammar topic very easy. The students can have a better balance after going through your stuff.

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  84. Sir please aik request hn o ye k apki taqribn mene saary k saary dek liye hn…lkn hr dafa me aik problem face kr raha hun…sir g agr aap plz translation k wqt sentences ko pure hindi ki bajaye Latin Hindi me liky to acha hoga, mtlb English alphabet use kr ky hindi ki sentences lika karoo plz sir! Bcz me Pakistan sy ho k written Hindi ko nhi samaj pa raha. Shukriya

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  86. i will always thankful for you sir .you not only giving about this language .you has given to me modern weapon for success in life. sir i am not belonging from privilege background.Before i started watching your channel .i was not know about anything for this language ,then i used to think that it is a language of privilage class student .after knowing this my confidence is increase.
    thank you so much sir
    after suceess i will definitely come to meet you.

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